In this amazing land, adventure and mystery that goes hand in hand… Peru is a land unlike any other... And we want to show it to the world… we wish to share with you all the good things that Peru has to “offer” – some of the best “cuisine” in the world, its magnificent natural beauty, and the “warmth” of our people that makes us unique… a places where enigmas remain unchanged throughout the ages, where the families still life with the “customs and traditions” of their ancestor. Peru is a land of “mystery”, where you can see and experience the ancient culture of the incas colluding with modern civilizations.

Join PUMA TRAILS for an unforgettable, once in a lifetime Peruvian travel experience.

Trekkers Wanted

Want to join a trek? Ready to confirm a departure date of your own, but interested in having others join you? Then Puma Trails is for you! Our innovative Puma Trails system matches people up who are interested in hiking the same trek, bringing costs down and multiplying the fun for everyone!.

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